Middletown Taxpayers against Earned Income Tax

Contact Your School Board Members and Superintendent

 To email the whole school board to not move an inch in the contract negotiations with the NFT...

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Mr.Ritch Webb, School Board President Region 2 (Levittown)webbcaterers@msn.com (215) 945-9322

Mr. Kim Koutsaradis, School Board VP, Region 1 (Lower South)kimkouts@yahoo.com

Mr. Mark Shubin, Director,Region 3 (Langhorne/boroughs)phillymark@gmail.com

Mr. Mike Morris,Director, Region 2 (Levittown)mikemorrismotion@comcast.net 

Mr. Scott Congdon, Director,Region 1 (Lower South)scott.congdon87@yahoo.com

Ms. Irene Boyle, Director,Region 3 (Langhorne/boroughs)tworld95@aol.com

 Ms. Sue Cummings, Director,Region 1 (Lower South) suemcummings@aol.com

Mr. Bill Ottinger, Director,Region 3 (Langhorne/boroughs) billyo74@hotmail.com

Mr. Tony Spossto Director,Region 2 (Levittown) anthonyspo@comcast.net

Dr. Lou Muenker, NSD Superintendent lmuenker@neshaminy.k12.pa.us (215) 809-6000