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Not as Good as You Think: The Myth of the Middle Class School 

Pastor Comment: As we continue to debate NSD school district quality you may want to read and/or see this book from 2007 and DVD out now. Very eye opening. I find the "our property values are going down" crew that are so worried about the NSB NFT battle very amusing. I guess they think we should just keep paying more and more taxes for more and more mediocrity in NSD teaching.

Fighting to win against an out of control union leader and her outrageous demands that are ruining our district before our eyes, is the right thing to do to take back control of our school budget once and for all for greedy self interested NFT members.

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Recommended Online Articles

NEW MUST READ: The Next Crisis: Public Pension Funds here 

As published June 25, 2010 ROGER LOWENSTEIN for the New York Times


Teachers' prosperity-to-hysteria dance 

Published June 6, 2010 by George Will for the Pocono Record

PASTOR COMMENTS: Read this great Op-Ed by Mr. George Will. He makes the case for the "solidarity" of Democrats with their beloved teachers union PAC contributors!! Also a lot of similarity to NSD's increased spending with decreasing enrollment and lack of student educational return on our hefty investment over 20 years.


The Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) CRISIS COMING AT US in 2011

Go to the Employer contribution table THIS IS YOU! Click to view 

2010-2013 and beyond add 30% to your current tax bill. Do our Seniors know about this?

For The Public School Employees' Retirement System Site Click Here

Attention: All NESHAMINY Voters. Please study the below links. Some great research in here that applies to our friends in Neshaminy.  These were submitted by a Concerned Citizen and new member of our site.

NYC to stop paying teachers to do nothing 

By: Karen Matthews, Associated Press Writer - April 15, 2010

Residents petition board for balance budget, no tax increase 

By: Rachel Canelli Publication: Bucks County Courier; Date 2009 Mar 11; Section: Local; Page Number:4B

An Unlikely Gambler

By: Evan Thomas, Eve Conant and Pat Wingert as published in Newsweek August 23, 2008